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Magamba Cultural Tourism & Tours

Magamba Cultural Tourism & Tours

Farming and Fruits picking Tour. (2-3hrs)

The tour gives our visitors a chance to join the local family in the village and experience the really farming and village life whereby the tour start our Centre after being served a lemon grass and ginger tea by local mamas and briefings from the local tour guide about cultural tourism in Magamba Villages and adjacent villages and the benefits generated by cultural tourism to the community. Then the local family will have you a hand hoe with panga and join them in the farming program and later cat grasses to feed the cows to feel the really African home lives. Before going back home you will pick the fruits with them (if it’s a fruits season)   enjoy it with family or take them to your hotel to enjoy with friends over there.

Traditional healings and herbalists Visits (2-3hrs)

The tour start in our Centre after being served a lemon grass and ginger tea by local mamas and briefings from the local tour guide about cultural tourism in Magamba Villages and adjacent villages and the benefits generated by cultural tourism to the community. Then you will walk in a very beautiful gardens with decorated by carrots, cabbages, Irish potatoes, and Green vegetables and fruits trees. And street you will arrive to Bibi rozi home where you will be welcomed by the fascinating stories about local ways of healing local diseases by using local believes and trees which are believed to be local medical trees. Go around and learn about theses medicinal plants later you will walk back for the Lunch at Magamnba Eco-cultural tourism Centre.

Story Telling and Traditional Dances (1hrs)

Meet mzee Mathew the old man and the key figure in the village. Who will give you a complete story about the shambaa tribe lives from the past to present? Then here you will get to know how the samba people reached the Usambara Mountains and where the name shambaa people was coined. You will spend almost one hour there with mzee. If interested you will visit the traditional dancers the women group who will show you their performances, where you will have a chance to interact and learn their songs and their massage to the youth, kids and entire community.

Local food preparations and Testing

Do you feel like you want to learn about African cooking styles and testing the African food ingredients? Then Magamba Eco-cultural Tourism is your first choice. Join the local mamas from the Market to the vegetable gardens and later to the kitchen where you will go all steps of food preparations until you enjoy the African food prepared by your own hands. This program will make you go back with lives memory and once back to your country you will cook for your family and trust they will love it too.

Coffee Tour Experience.

Do you know how coffee was discovered and all the steps undertaken until the coffee we know today? Try this tour where you will attend the coffee farm in the village, hear the very interesting story about coffee, how to become a coffee farmer, plants, care, harvest and also processing it locally in the village and later celebrate a cup of coffee from your own han

Magamba Nature Forest Hiking

We offer a very eco & friendly tour to explore the beautiful Magamba Nature Forest Reserve we do it because we are living here. Take a walk through villages, farmland and learn about cultural life of the Shambaa People, keep your eyes alert and spot some chameleons. Continue your hike up to Magamba rainforest while leaning about the spiritual and medicinal herbs as used by the local tribesmen. Look into tree tops and see if you can spot a black and white colobus monkey or the famous blue monkey. Pass by the German cave and learn about its historical military use. Hike to the peak of the forest where you can enjoy the view of lushoto town and the royal village while you have your lunch before slowly making your way back to the hotel.

Pottery making experience

After breakfast start driving from Magamba /Lushoto to Mtae, stop at Magamba village and visit local breweries and have a chance to see how local beer (BOHA) can be made from sugarcane juice, after that keep driving up through local villages to the Mabughai pottery workshop. See how the women use the clay soil that is specific to that area to make various pots and a variety of equipment. Let them teach you how to make your own piece of pot. After that proceed with lunch somewhere on the way, after lunch enjoy the breath-taking view then start driving back to Magamba/Lushoto.

Spend your time at Mlalo Village

Staying at Mlalo Niniwe Hotel will give you unforgettable options as follows.
Acombined Mlalo mission tour and the old Leprosy camp which will give you a great history about the old Lutheran church introduced firstly by the Germany missionary Rev. WOLHAB and JEHNSEN IN 1890s. You can also opt to climb the following mountains which will give you an amazing views to the masai plain of Mng’alo, Mnazi and yo the far the Mkomazi National park from Kiangwi peak, Seguruma peak or Sauti ya Injri peak. However if have enough time can try to experience a bodaboda(motor bike) experience to visit the Mng’alo Rice farms with the lunch box in a very beautiful picnic sites .

Other Tours:

  1. – Irente View point
  2. – Waterfalls 
  3. – Skyline(Cable car)
  4. – Jiwe la Mungu (Gods feet prints)
  5. – Shume, Lokome and Gemai Cliff walk
  6. – Bird watchind

– Multiple days Tours

  1. – Lushoto-Magamba-Grewal-Shume-Lokome-Gemai-Mtae (3-4 Days)
  2. – Lushoto-Magamba-Kwemakame-Mtumbi-Kwekanga-Mlalo (4-5 Days)
  3. – Luhoto-Magamba-Lukozi-Mtae
  4. – Lushoto-Mazumbai-Bumbuli-Funta-Ambangulu-Lutindi-Korogwe (6 Days)
  5. – Lushoto-Bumbuli-Funta-Lutindi-Nilo Nature Reserve-Amani Nature Reserve (6 Days)
  6. – Lushoto-Korogwe-Magoroto Forest Estate (3 Days)
  7. – Lushoto- Mkomazi National Park (2-3 Days)

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