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  • Tanga Travel Guide | Tanga Expat Guide
  • Tanga Travel Guide | Tanga Expat Guide
  • Tanga Travel Guide | Tanga Expat Guide

Tanga Travel Guide | Tanga Expat Guide

Tanga Region covers 27,348 km2 (3% of the total area of the country ) and has an estimated population of nearly two million inhabitants, with at least 300.000 living in Tanga City. While most people in the hinterland are small farmers and livestock keepers, the coastal rural inhabitants live off fishing and small-scale farming.

The region offers a wide range of beautiful places to visit: the long Indian Ocean coastline with its sheltered bays and lagoons, such as Moa Bay, Manza Bay, Kwale Bay, Tanga Bay and Mwambani Bay; Kigombe, Pangani and Ushongo have marvellous beaches – all with fringing and offshore coral reefs and sandbanks.  

Are you planning to visit Tanga for a weekend or a few days

If you are, you are probably wondering what the city’s top attractions are, how to get around Tanga or the general prices and daily costs to visit this amazing City.

For up to date information about the city, we recommend reading ourTanga travel guide.

Tanga Travel Guide

Need Hotel in Tanga?

  • If you still don’t have accommodation in Tanga, we recommend visiting our accommodation page, where you’ll find all types of hotels, hostels and apartments with the best rates guaranteed (with up to 75% discount). And, what’s more, you’ll only have to pay once you get to your destination.

Living in Tanga as an Expat